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Our 1:1 offerings are created exclusively by us for you to receive a customised experience of deep support, nourishment and skilled nurturing through sacred feminine self-care rituals.


Yoni Steaming, Womb Gingering, Womb & Body Massage, Guided Meditation, and Loving Presence are the practices through which we share our deep care and passion for supporting

women to truly thrive.

We are both highly experienced Women’s Wellbeing Practitioners and Women’s Mysteries facilitators, inspired to serve women to embrace their embodied feminine wisdom and the joy, beauty and homecoming this brings.


These sessions are an invitation for all women seeking greater self-connection and healing. No prior experience of these practices is required for you to receive the benefit of our offerings. 


These offerings can be of great support for the following...


*Cyclical Imbalance - Irregular, short, delayed, missing cycles, heavy or scant bleeding

*Fibroids & growth anomalies

* Miscarriage / Abortion 

* Postpartum support

*Exhaustion /  Adrenal burnout

*Stress / Overwhelm

*Anxiety / Depression

* Body Image issues

*Sexual Healing

* Low Libido / stagnancy of life force

* Menopause symptoms


Women can receive healing benefits....

*Increases vitality

* Supports ease and comfort in being in the body

*Feminine self - connection

*Facilitates awareness of yoni and womb energetics 


* Releases emotional holding on all levels of being

*Facilitates deep stillness and presence 

*Can gently support trauma healing process 

* Encouraging a sense of deep rest in the feminine and sense of wholeness 

*Cleansing hormonal and energetic residue from the feminine energy pathways


We warmly welcome you to come and share some sacred space with us.

 Click below to read more about our exquisite Signature treatments created to meet your needs for healing and nurturing ~


Sessions are offered at our Uki or Myocum spaces and we are also available to travel throughout

Byron / Tweed shire and come to you (prices vary according to travel time & costs). 


Packages of multiple sessions are also available. 


For bookings and inquires, please get in touch via

email: or phone: 0437 790 861 

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