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Kate is a qualified Doula, Holistic Beauty Therapist, Psychic Spiritual Healer, Medical Intuitive, Menstrual Counsellor, Flower essence Therapist & Writer. With over 20 year’s experience working with and alongside women in Australia & Europe, she is deeply inspired by & passionate about supporting women to unfold into their fullest potential via the portals of the Feminine Energy Pathways & through embracing Cyclical & Earth-based living.


Known for her deeply compassionate & insightful space-holding, Kate has been able to connect with Spirit since childhood.  She now brings this capacity into serving others through her Private Practice supporting Women, Men & Children to connect with Spirit for integrated transformation & embodied healing. 


Kate is a passionate deep-diver into the mysteries of being Woman; she adores the tender & potent magic that emerges in Women’s spaces when deep & sacred listening is present. She is in awe of our own capacity to self-heal when given the support to do so. 

Her own journey has called her into developing a comprehensive toolbox of feminine self-care practices which have supported her to find pleasure, power and peace in her own body. Sharing these practices is a pleasure and a homecoming. 


Kate lives in the hinterlands of Byron Bay, Australia & in her downtime loves to stretch, garden, self - massage, make art & sing + dance in her kitchen.

Natasha is a Mother, Doula, Birth Educator, Women’s Empowerment Facilitator, Entrepreneur, Kangen Water Ambassador, Yoga Teacher & Masseuse ~  all whilst creating a conscious, healthy, abundant & simple life with her beautiful family in the Byron Bay Shire, Northern Rivers. 


Before having children, Natasha’s main passion for 10 years was in the disability & mental health field, doing support work & counselling which has given her an excellent foundation & experience to be able to work with all types of people. She has a huge capacity to listen to others very well, and understands the huge range of human behaviours, emotions, personalities, traumas and life situations people go through. 


This led Natasha to open the doors into Herbalism, Ayurveda & Yogic studies, where she dove deep into health & healing, and chose to weave this knowledge into everyday life, as well as offering to others 


Emerging from here into pregnancy & sacred women’s business.  Former manager of Red Tent Yoga, Byron Bay, is where Natasha became very well known for her loving service for creating community events, pregnancy, birth & postpartum support in the local area.  With over 16 years of experience in supporting women in this field, Natasha’s wisdom, knowledge and intuitive healing touch is naturally embodied within her, giving deep nourishment to women to assist with healing & self empowerment


Natasha loves inspiring women to come back home to their hearts & wombs ~ through self care practices, ritual, ceremony & deep connection to nature’s medicines. And with her sincere & generous heart, her grounded energy, and her ability to deeply listen allows anyone that comes into her presence feel very safe & nurtured.  

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