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Healing ~ Nourishment ~ Sacred Space  


An invitation to gather with women to experience the profoundly nourishing gifts of Yoni Steaming. Women have been gathering together for centuries to practice this ancient ritual to support feminine wellbeing & deeper connection to body wisdom.  


We provide a hand crafted Yoni Steam Sauna for each woman.

We have 8 Naturopathically Blended Organic Herbal Blends for each woman to choose from, depending where she is in her cycle or phase of womanhood.   


The container we create in circle holds us and invites us to turn inwards ~ to find stillness, and enter deeply into our own body wisdom. We will provide some meditation & visualisation to support this process ~ Sounds and movement are encouraged and welcomed to deepen the practice and support release on every level.


This is a beautiful opportunity to connect with yoni, womb and heart for cleansing, healing & deepening embodiment. 


Each woman is given a cotton sarong to cover herself.

This event is a fully clothed experience to support the comfort and safety of all women.


Tuesday Fortnightly, from 10th May   

Mevlana Hall  - Myocum   



If it's your first time, bring a friend for free ~ limited offer  

Maximum 15 women




Contact Kate or Natasha:

0424 635 986 / 0437 790 861

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