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Our Healing Blend addresses imbalances within the tissues of the Womb and Yoni on every level. This potent concoction of herbs combine to fortify damaged, bruised and depleted tissue and repair abnormal cellular dis-ease. In instances therefore of miscarriage, abortion, tumours, fibroids or cervical abnormalities, this blend is both a tonic and a deeply effective support. 


This soothing combination offers the solid presence of feminine plant medicine using herbs that have been used by Wise women for healing Womb imbalance for centuries. 


In the case of open wounds or bleeding allow these to heal before steaming, and always start gently with mild heat to gauge your tolerance for the steam. 


For fibroids, it is recommended to steam daily or every second day the week before your cycle.


For more information about the therapeutic applications and benefits of Yoni Steaming for gynecological imbalance, please refer to our page with specific recommendations. 



Each batch of herbs is handcrafted with love & healing intention in the Northern Rivers, Australia. Using the finest quality Australian Certified Organic herbs, our blends harness the medicinal potency of plants which have been used for centuries to restore women’s balance and wellbeing. They merge in synergies which are created to inspire, delight, ground, open, heal & restore wholeness to the feminine energy pathways of the body. 


Created for use during Yoni Steaming & as a Bath Immersion, most of our blends have a base of Calendula, Lavender & Rose that provides the nurturing, healing & cleansing foundation upon which the rest of the blend builds - supporting specific needs & treating the conditions you are seeking to rebalance. 


With 8 to choose from, there are multiple ways in which you can support your cyclical wellbeing and Womb happiness ~


40gr herbs option provides you with approximately 7 steams 


250gr herbs option provides 4 to 6 months worth of steaming when

used 1-3 x per week


HEALING - Miscarriage, abortion & fibroids


    Burdock, Calendula, Yarrow, Lavender, Sage, Motherwort, Comfrey, Rose


    For more information visit our yoni steaming page here

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